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The best way to predict the future is to create it.

Peter Drucker

Doing Business in Downtown Waukesha

Talented visionaries, resourceful entrepreneurs and seasoned retirees are building a new downtown landscape as they settle here to live and work. Join the Waukesha renaissance and consider launching a business venture in the central business district. 

New downtown business owners will find the local workforce talented, diverse and dedicated. Employees usually can stroll to work along the beautiful Fox River Riverwalk, pedal to downtown on newly installed bicycle paths or walk on well-manicured and flower-lined downtown sidewalks.

The area is welcoming to business development. The Clarke Hotel with its quaint atmosphere and contemporary amenities for out-of-town clients is located in central downtown. Fine dining and superior catering to accommodate potential business ventures also are available. The historic Rotunda Building is accessible for large business meetings, job fairs and employee gatherings.

Here are a few hard facts on the benefits of moving downtown: A recent university study says downtown employers are happy in their current locations; and Waukesha County offers many economic development packages to aid businesses and job growth. Just as important, business clients will be charmed by Waukesha’s art and music scene, along with its vibrant yet respectful nightlife.